CCCR is proud to announce our 2018 primary endorsements.  The CCCR Vetting Committee reviewed completed candidate questionnaires for each candidate, researched the candidates qualifications, experience, and conservative credentials, and in many cases conducted personal interviews. After careful consideration, the following candidates received our endorsement:

Local/County Office Endorsements:  

Chris Hill, Collin County Judge (Commissioners Court)

Cheryl Williams, Collin County Commissioner Pct. 2

Darrell Hale, Collin County Commissioner Pct. 3

Greg Willis, Collin County District Attorney

Jennifer Edgeworth, 219th District Court

Mike McCandless, Justice of the Peace, Place 2

Mike Missildine, Justice of the Peace, Place 3-2

State Office Endorsements:  

Pat Fallon, Texas Senate District 30

Matt Shaheen, Texas House District 66

Jeff Leach, Texas House District 67

Scott Sanford, Texas House District 70

Angela Paxton, Texas Senate District 8

John Browning, 5th Court of Appeals, Place 11

Jim Pikl, 5th District Ct of Appeals, Place 12

Glen Hegar, Texas Comptroller

Jerry Patterson, Texas Land Commissioner

Ken Paxton, Texas Attorney General

Dan Patrick, Texas Lieutenant Governor

Federal Office Endorsements: 

Ted Cruz, U.S. Senate

Van Taylor, U.S. Congress, District 3

John Ratcliffe, U.S. Congress, District 4

Completed Candidate Questionnaires:

CCCR sent candidate questionnaires to every local candidate we could find contact information for. Candidates who received a questionnaire but failed to return it are also noted below.

Collin County Judge (Head of Commissioners Court):
Chris Hill
Scott Johnson (did not submit)
Ray Ricchi (did not submit)

Collin County Commissioner Pct. 2:
Joey Herald (did not submit)
Cheryl Williams

Collin County Commissioner Pct. 3
Briana Andor
Darrell Hale

Collin County District Attorney:
Casey Davis (did not submit)
Greg Willis

219th District Court:
Scott Becker (did not submit)
Jennifer Edgeworth

Justice of the Peace, Place 2:
Jeff Graham
Mike McCandless 
Jerry Shaffer

Justice of the Peace, Place 3-2:
Mike Missildine
Melvin Thathiah

Texas Senate District 30:
Craig Estes (did not submit)
Pat Fallon 

Texas Senate District 8:
Phillip Huffines
Angela Paxton

5th Court of Appeals, Place 11:
John Browning 
Tom Nowak
Dan Wyde

5th District Ct of Appeals, Place 12:
Perry Cockerell
Randy Johnson
Jim Pikl 

Texas Land Commissioner:
George P Bush (did not submit)
Davey Edwards
Jerry Patterson 
Rick Range

U.S. Congress, District 3:
Van Taylor

CCCR Endorsements!