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AllenCouncil Place 1Daren Meis

AllenCouncil Place 3Dave Cornette

AllenCouncil Place 5David Shafer

AnnaCouncil Place 1Kevin Toten
Frisco Council Seat 3Dr. Jennifer White

McKinneyMayorTom Meredith

McKinneyCouncil Place 1Stan Penn

McKinneyCouncil Place 3Vicente Torres

McKinneyCouncil at LargeBrian Magnuson

McKinneyMISD Place 2Anthony Congine

McKinneyMISD Place 3Chad Green

McKinneyMISD Place 7Serena Ashcroft

PlanoMayorLily Bao

PlanoCouncil Place 2Anthony Ricciardelli

PlanoCouncil Place 7Christopher Robertson

PlanoCouncil Place 8Rick Smith

PlanoPISD Place 1Semida Voicu

PlanoPISD Place 2Angela Powell

PlanoPISD Place 6Marilyn Loughray

ProsperProsper ISD Trustee Place 4Pat Cochrane

ProsperProsper Council Place 6Charles Cotten

Collin CollegePlace 7Jimmy Orr

Collin CollegePlace 8Bob Collins

Collin CollegePlace 9Andy Hardin

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