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History of the Collin County Conservative Republicans

CCCR was originally formed and chartered as a Texas Federated Republican Women (TFRW) club in 1996 and was named the McKinney Republican Women. As the Club grew, the name was changed to McKinney Area Republican Women to be more inclusive of all women in Collin County. Among those who have served as president of this club are Diana Dail, Sally Wolfe, Sue Shushok, Diann Jones, Linda Jenkins, and Tracy Rath.

In 2008, TFRW announced a mandatory increase in membership fees for all federated clubs to $30 annually, and the leadership of McKinney Area Republican Women felt the increase was excessive and unnecessary. The leadership voted to defederate and change its name to Collin County Conservative Republicans (CCCR).  As it turned out, the TFRW dues increase ended up being much smaller than originally proposed by the National Federation, but the threat was enough to give the Club leadership pause and their history was changed forevermore.  CCCR experienced significant growth upon choosing to defederate and becoming co-ed. CCCR revised its bylaws to allow the Club and members in leadership to endorse candidates, which is prohibited in TFRW clubs. The Club decided that this particular rule must go since there are some candidates are more qualified, experienced and conservative than others.

Henceforth, a new page was turned by deciding the Club would vet political candidates in primaries.  Shortly after approving the revised bylaws, CCCR held a protest on Eldorado Parkway against the increasing taxes and another one on Stacy Road in front of the CCGOP Headquarters (these rallies preceded the Tea Party movement). Since then, CCCR has grown and become one of the most active and respected Republicans clubs in Collin County and North Texas.  CCCR counts among its membership virtually every elected official in the county and is one of the only Republican clubs in Collin County that vets and endorses candidates at the city, county, and state-wide level.

 To promote an informed electorate through political education.

The primary beliefs and goals of the Collin County Conservative Republicans are as follows:

  • Identify and elect fiscally and socially conservative individuals to public office

  • Educate the electorate on Constitutional principles

  • Encourage our members to actively further the cause of liberty

  • Promote the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution, as written, as the basis for our laws and behavior.

Our Mission
Objectives of this Club shall be:
  • To promote an informed electorate through political education.

  • To increase the effectiveness of conservative men and women in the cause of good government through active political participation.

  • To foster conservative principals within the Republican Party and in the community at large.

  • To work for the election of conservative Republican Party nominees.

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