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 CCCR Endorsed Candidates
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                           *money                                       McKinney
          McKinney ISD
       McKinney ISD, Place 2

Clayton Myhre
 McKinney ISD, Place 7 (at Large)
Curtis Rath

         McKinney City Council
             McKinney Mayor
 Randy Pogue

 McKinney City Council, District 1

        Dustinn Pearson
 McKinney City Council, District 3
       Scott Elliott
 McKinney City Council, At Large
     Derek V. Baker

​         Plano City Council
     Plano City Council, Place 2
   Anthony Ricciardelli
   Plano City  Council,  Place 4
       Edward Acklin
       Plano Mayor Place 6
       Leilei "Lily Bao
     Plano City Council, Place 8
        Rick Smith
             Plano ISD
         Plano ISD Place 2

      Angela Powell
         Plano ISD, Place 3
     Nathan Rylander
         Plano ISD, Place 6
         Greg Myer
         Frisco City Council
    Frisco City Council, Place 5
         Chris King
    Frisco City Council, Place 6
     Brian Livingston
             Frisco ISD
      Frisco ISD, District 4
      Jeff Snowden
     Frisco ISD, District 5
       Bryan Powell
Collin County College Board of Trustees
          Treasurer, Place 1
        Fred Moses
        Lovejoy ISD
         Lovejoy ISD, Seat 4
       Joel Treanor

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